Council leader comments on regeneration in ‘Inside Housing’

July 13, 2016

A fascinating article this: five principles are applied to the regeneration. Let's have a very quick look at these and how they have been applied to the Alton Estate.


Consultation - that's right, a consultation which published the baseline review after the option consultation and the preferred options consultation. A consultation which includes the Alton East though how many people on the Alton East are even aware of this ?


Reprovision - that's right, the idea to have more student housing to balance the "unbalanced community". 


Aspiration - that's right, vote for the Labour Councillors who campaigned on this regeneration being a "farce" and when they get elected pretend this "farce" never happened. A "social regeneration" which although it's been discussed at length, to date has nothing whatsoever to show for all the hot air expended.


Transformation - that's right, if the student housing does not go ahead, it gets turned into residential housing, thus increasing the size and density of the regeneration.....where was the consultation regarding this ?


Financial - that's right, so financial that all leaseholders will have to wait until the council decides it is ready to provide information on the impact this will have on service charges. Would you buy a car without knowing how much the running costs are ? This is what leaseholders are expected to accept.



"Estates and their residents" shouldn't have to wait six months to have graffiti removed or wait two months to remove fly tipping. This article is little other than window dressing for the Council, which abandons its rightful duty, that is, to address the underlying concerns of its residents, who want it to look after the estate, its properties, facilities and the people who live there. 



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