Roehampton Festival

July 9, 2016

Well, though it took a while, the Council finally gave the ARW permission to have a table at the Roehampton Festival. But before they did, the ARW had to agree to not being "political". Yes, that's right?! Somewhat reluctantly this was agreed to.

Anyway, it was a lovely sunny day and many people, both local and from elsewhere, attended. It was a marvellous way to spend a Sunday, and there won't be many more such events on the Bull Green as we currently know it (as through the regeneration it will be turned into something else).

What was interesting was:

1. Speaking to a leaseholder who is impacted by the demolition and still does not seem very clear on what is going on. Also, the leaseholder would like a garden (as many impacted by the demolition seem to be wanting) though this is not the first person to ask for one and I'm sure will not be the last.

2. Speaking with the Council. We asked what has happened with the emailed versions of the Alton Area Regeneration Newsletter as one has not been received for a while (the next day the June newsletter was in the inbox!)

3. In further conversation with the council, it was noted that content of the June Alton Area Regeneration Newsletter contained information relating to what was discussed at the June ARW General meeting, as a member of the Council has started to attend these meetings. Assuming this attendance continues you may wish to come along to our meetings to let the Council know what your concerns are.

4. We have been asked for insight into a student's study of the Alton Estate, so keep an eye out regarding future ARW meeting agendas, as this may pop up on that.



5. On the topic of being not "political", it was quite amusing to see that Roehampton Forum, which had a table next to ours, had a petition to save the Alton Activity Centre. Furthermore, Councillor Ambache approached Festival attendees regarding this. I wonder whether the Forum will get a tap on the shoulder from the Council?! If the ARW had been permitted, we could have joined in with the support.



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