Late Pantomime: Petersfield Rise is being demolished! OH, NO IT’S NOT!

January 16, 2017

It came as a surprise to Cllr Carpenter, representative of Council Leader Govindia’s Loyal Opposition in Roehampton, at the ARW meeting on 21st December to be told by its Treasurer and Acting Secretary that the much-detested planned demolition of Heanens, AAA Convenience Store and the Alton Community Hall had been called off by WBC earlier that month.


That was confirmed by two Team Roehampton officials, who had a meeting with one of the parties concerned last Monday. Here is what was said:


The developer or developers who had previously thought that a more extensive decant area would be needed have now changed their minds. We don’t know how much of the existing Alton East they will now want to do away with, because nothing has been said about the former One O’Clock club building in Fontley Way, nor for that matter about the Alton Community School adjacent to it.


What we do know is that Sherwood Lodge is still in the firing line, as is half of the car park behind Petersfield Rise. The building, the half of the car park nearest it and its curtilege (the land round it) are all to be demolished, and presumably at least the two long-term Council tenants in it, rehoused.


In place of the land, building and car park will be built two blocks, not higher than the existing building north of and directly behind the Lodge. This will be three or four storeys. Number of homes in these blocks will be we’d think, around twenty. There will be a way between the two blocks, and ten new trees planted (it isn’t clear whether the existing trees hard by the Petersfield Rise bus stop will be cut down, but it seems likely). Heanens, AAA and the Alton Community Hall will be left as they are; although it seems the Hall may be provided with a lift (something which has apparently previously deemed impossible). As a result, the Alton Youth Club at Dilton Gardens will continue to remain occupied by ‘guardians’.


The new homes it seems are to be occupied solely by Council tenants.

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