Will Alton lose council homes?

June 1, 2019

Click here to read the agreement. Some details were redacted by the Council before they would let us have it, but it still contains interesting insights into the deals that have been struck.


And here are the appendices to the agreement.


The agreement seems to allow Redrow and the Council some wiggle room if they should choose to change the amount of council housing that the regeneration provides. Here are the key clauses from Section 19 on page 57 of the agreement. Pay particular attention to the last clause, 19.2.2:




19.1 The Partner may not make any alterations to the tenure mix of any Phase from that specified in the Strategies ("Tenure Mix") without the approval of Steering Group. For the avoidance of doubt the Partner must In any event and as a minimum deliver the Replacement Homes Requirements and the Additional Homes Requirements.


19.2 The parties agree and acknowledge their current shared aspiration to deliver no less than:-


19.2.1 two hundred and twenty six (226) Replacement Homes; and


19.2.2 thirty (30) Additional Homes; across the Development in accordance with the Council's Specification. If, notwithstanding this, the Council (as landowner) consents to any changes to the Tenure Mix of any Phase which result in a reduction in Replacement Homes and/or Additional Homes in that Phase the Partner will use all reasonable endeavours to maximise any financial benefit to the Development deriving from any such changes


An "aspiration" is not a legally binding condition. The sentence beginning "If, notwithstanding this" allows the Council and Redrow to possibly deviate from the figures mentioned above, if they so choose.


And in all too many "regenerations" in other boroughs, councils and developers did choose not to deliver all the replacement council homes they had promised.


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